About us

De-Levie – a family that founded a company, and a company that grew but remained a family, has been specializing for years in the raising, transporting and marketing of cattle and livestock across Europe and the Middle East. Today, the De-Levie Group operates a unique multinational network of farms for livestock and cattle growing, shipping and marketing that allows it direct, A to Z, control of the entire supply chain. Stringent handling and monitoring standards is how we guarantee the quality of the merchandise and service. Nothing escapes us because we do everything ourselves. Optimal monitoring of every move and step. Quality and reliability is second nature to us. One level above all else – De-Levie.

Lambs Per Year
Cattle Per Year

Our farms

It all begins here! A unique combination of innovation and a rich tradition guarantees that our calves and lambs are being raised in a farm the likes of which there are very few. The home is of the calves, and the spirit – is that of De-Levie. Everything begins at home.

Milk Substitutes

Not just a home. Technology as well! Self-production of Milk Replacers that our calves and lambs consume. Based on years of experience and extensive investment in research and development, we know exactly what these calves and lambs need for their optimal development and that is exactly what they receive! Results don’t lie.


Quality is not a label. These are our beautiful and healthy calves, and the continuous, meticulous process that makes them prime cattle.


To be the ‘De-Levie’ of sheep growers is not just a slogan. It is a responsibility, entailing hard work and incredible self-discipline. Our lambs are solid proof that we are on the map by right and not by sufferance!