De-Levie – a family that founded a company, and a company that grew but remained a family, has been specializing for years in the raising, transporting and marketing of cattle and livestock across Europe and the Middle East. Today, the De-Levie Group operates a unique multinational network of farms for livestock and cattle growing, shipping and marketing that allows it direct, A to Z, control of the entire supply chain. Stringent handling and monitoring standards is how we guarantee the quality of the merchandise and service. Nothing escapes us because we do everything ourselves. Optimal monitoring of every move and step. Quality and reliability is second nature to us. One level above all else – De-Levie.


The De-Levie Family originated in Holland, where our fathers grew and traded cattle for many generations. With their immigration to Israel after World War II, Yehuda De-Levie renewed the family tradition and laid the current foundation for the welcome and extensive operations of the De-Levie Group as an international livestock and cattle grower and marketer.

The first family farm was established in Kfar Yehoshua. After many years of specializing in growing dairy calf, we turned to pioneering development of feed formulas for cattle and livestock in Israel.

Investment in R&D paid off and in 1985, we began incorporating alternative production into the exiting dairy calf growing infrastructure and marketing of prime veal. The combination of expertise, vision and state-of-the-art technology has allowed us to become the leading company in Israel in dairy calf growing and marketing.

In the 1990s, we spread, in every sense of the word, our wings and opened Israel’s borders to importing cattle. We were the first to fly in cattle shipments from Europe to Israel, a daring pilot in our path to the international market.


Materialization of the vision of making De-Levie a top international marketer of cattle and livestock involved two strategic moves that have essentially allowed the company to surge ahead and make us what we are today: significant expansion in volume of growing, and bridging the natural gap between us and our overseas customers – international transport.

Gradually, over the course of several years, after having made the requisite preparations and reviews, acquired several farms for gathering and growing livestock and cattle in Romania and Lithuania, two countries known for their organic natural resources for pastures, and we assimilated in them our unique growing methods. These joined our farms in Israel and together, they constitute a total of 6 farms that already house, at any given time, over 10,000 heads of cattle and livestock. Once the upgrading and adjustments are completed, the farms are expected to house up to 35,000 heads of cattle and livestock.

In addition, understanding that sea transport of live cattle and livestock, in light of the tremendous volumes of merchandise that must be shipped, is a critical stage in the health and quality of the merchandise, we purchased special ships to transport the animals, on which our staff continues to handle the animals at the same meticulous standards as on the farms until they reach the customer.

Upon entering deep water, we did not forget to establish an anchor and backup of a suitable strategic partner. With regards to international transport, including ownership of vessels used by us, we benefit from close and productive cooperation with a global animal marketing and transport giant Hunland (Hunland Trade Ltd.), a European corporation that is a major global player in this sector.

The international business platform we established did not disappoint, and our operations, with regards to both growing and marketing, steadily increased. The homogenous and continuous route on which our merchandise travels, beginning from collection of the selected livestock and cattle from the herds to our farms in Europe and growing them based on experience and technological infrastructure, and to us shipping them under our supervision to our customers across Europe and the Middle East, has proven itself a success and has allowed us to gain a sterling reputation.

At the same time, we retained and even reinforced our position as the leading dairy calf grower and marketer in Israel, in conjunction with our production and manufacturing of feed formulas for cattle and livestock.

Despite our business expansion, we remain a family, based on the same principles, the same love of our work, and the same tradition of excellence and commitment to our customers, for whom our fathers began their life’s work. That’s the entire secret: reliability, quality, professionalism and service. In other words: De-Levie.