To be the ‘De-Levie’ of sheep growers is not just a slogan. It is a responsibility, entailing hard work and incredible self-discipline. Our lambs are solid proof that we are on the map by right and not by sufferance!

We carefully select the breeds of sheep, placing particular emphasis on adaptive breeds that produce large amounts of meat and quality wool, and that are considered quality. Sheep and lamb of select breeds are meticulously cared for, and are matched to meet our customers’ needs in terms of climate, growth conditions, meat properties, etc. Our lambs are characterized by high meat production, good weight gain and rapid conversion of food into body weight. We consider all aspects, and the customer is the main beneficiary!

The breeds of sheep we market include:


Particularly adaptive breed, produces quality meat and wool.


The Karakul breed hails from the arid, barren regions of central Asia, and possesses an exceptional adaptive ability and resistance to extreme cold and heat, in addition to an ability to sustain itself from a wide range of food. The is tall fat-tailed Karaku produces a uniquely flavored meat and oil that is in high demand in many kitchens.


One of the most common breeds in the world. Known for fine wool that it produces as well as top quality meat, the Merino is capable of living under nearly any climate and environmental condition, and is considered a particularly convenient breed that can be raised with extreme efficiency.