Calf raising was and remains the core of our professional occupation. The accumulated experience and expertise we gained in this field over dozens of years of practice and research provide a solid foundation for all of our operations and a solid business leverage that it provides throughout the way.

Constant care and improvement of our merchandise is a guiding principle, and they are implemented in this era of technology with the same love and devotion as Grandpa Yehuda put into his dairy calves many years ago.

The De-Levie Group is a leader in Israel in the growing of dairy calves and in marketing veal.

We have been raising Holstein and Friesian cows on our base farm in Kfar Yehoshua for over 40 years, employing professional, dedicated teams and under conditions that comply with the most stringent global standards. We, in fact, are spearheading standards in this field.

We gradually assimilated Kfar Yehoshua standards on all our farms in Europe.

A dairy calf is fed on a feed primarily based on milk throughout its growth period. The calf is grown up to 250-300kg, and then marketed. Our relative advantage as producers of milk feed formulas becomes apparent, as we know exactly what the calves need and when.

Due to the unique diet and the early marketing stage, the meat of a dairy calf is extremely tender. The meat of a dairy calf is particularly ideal for meat dishes due to its enhanced ability to absorb the flavors of sauces and herbs.

All meat that we market is fresh and not processed.

Our veal is a source of pride, and we consider them a trademark of De-Levie. Our expertise, conditions, experience and devotion guarantee that the customer receives the finest product available.