Quality is not a label. These are our beautiful and healthy calves, and the continuous, meticulous process that makes them prime cattle.

We deal with a wide range of breeds of cattle, while meticulously ensuring one common feature: quality. We know how to choose our cattle and we know how to raise them. From collecting the herds and until they reach the customer – everything is done with great care – from selecting the top quality calf from select strains, to dedicated and intelligent care, matching every animal to our customers’ purposes with regards to climate, growing conditions, meat properties, etc. Our strains are characterized by high meat output, a nice increase in weight and rapid conversion of food into body weight. We consider all aspects, and the customer is the main beneficiary!

The breeds of cattle we market include:

Belgian Blue

This breed of cattle are large and muscular. The Belgian Blue features a wide back and extremely developed rump that is manifested in high meat production and low fat percentage. The breed gains weight quickly and is easily cared for. In brief, a wonderful calf!


Strong breed with handsome structure and brown coat. The Limousin is known for being extremely efficient in converting food to body weight, which is also reflected in producing prime meat.


In addition to being muscular and strong, the Simmental breed is adaptable, and characterized by rapid weight gain and high meat output. These features make the Simmental an excellent breed. Furthermore, its tremendous amount of meat is characterized by particularly low percentage of fat and cholesterol.


A wide, muscular breed of white-coated calves. The late maturation of the Charolais breed allows them to grow to particularly large weights, which translates into greater meat production per calf.


The Angus is famous for producing top quality meat. Angus beef features a high degree of marbling (level of dispersal of fat in meat) and relatively high fat percentage, resulting in far more succulence in cuts of Angus and its tremendous popularity among meat lovers.


The Holstein breed is the image we have in our head if we are asked to picture a cow. The popular queen of the market, the Holstein, with its particularly large frame, is known for its outstanding milk production. The Holstein breed plays a key role in the cattle market, and like all other breeds, provides top quality meat.

Blonde d’Aquitaine

Calf with particularly long frame and developed rump. This calf gains weight rapidly, and with extreme efficiency, converts food into body weight, providing tremendous meat production. The flesh of the Blond d’aquitaine is unique since it combines a high degree of marbling (level of fat dispersal) with low fat percentage.