Did we mention full control of the supply chain? Sea transportation on our boats, under the observing eyes and secure hands of our crew. The same farm, only on water. De-Levie throughout the process!

The De-Levie Group owns 2 animal transport ships – Phoenix I and Phoenix II, which are specially adapted for this purpose. We acquired the ships in conjunction with our strategic partner in Europe, Hunland, so that we could continue to supervise the merchandise on our own during extended and critical period during which the cattle and livestock are at sea. Installed on the ships were conditions similar to an ordinary farm. Under these circumstances, the cattle and livestock are cared for by our staff in compliance with the De-Levie standard until they reach the customer. This is the responsibility you receive when you purchase a De-Levie product.

The main transport routes for our ships today are between Romania, Hungary and Portugal to Israel, with the trading route from Hungary, in the absence of an outlet to the sea, being through the Adriatic ports of Croatia but we are always moving forward and this network is expected to expand.